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by Megan K on September 19, 2010

More and more people have been asking me about what kind of shoes to wear for Zumba Fitness classes.

Given that everyone’s body is different and that we all have different needs in terms of support, comfort and style  I cannot make any hard and fast recommendations but I can tell you what others are wearing and what I wear.

Zumba Shoes Video

Here are some of the shoes that I have worn,  liked and why:
1)Vibrams Five Fingers  I wear these as often as I can because they allow my body to remain in the most ideal position anatomically.  Its like dancing barefoot but with a bit more protection and some style.  I have them in hot pink!  These really benefited me about 4 months ago when I had begun to develop some shin and foot pain because I was impacting the ground too hard with my landings (this is also known as heel striking).  The Vibrams helped me to dance more safely.

2)Nike Musique IV, I have worn these off and on for the last year and wear them whenever my feet feel tired and need a bit more cushioning.  They are a stylish alternative to the Vibrams Five Fingers and have a fantastic pivot point that allows for easy turns.

3)Nike Shox Cameo and Electra were discontinued but if you can find them on E-Bay they are amazing shoes for Zumba Fitness Classes.

4)Zumba Shoes are also very popular with Zumba Fitness instructors and students.

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