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by Megan K on July 26, 2010

I’ve been asked a lot lately, what are those goofy looking shoes you are wearing?

They are called Vibrams and they look like feet (or kind of like a shoe version of toe socks). They separate the toes and provide protection for the sole of the feet while keeping your feet in their natural (anatomical) position.

Why wear them? They allow for the least interference with your natural stride or gait and they are comfortable.

If you have looked around at the way a lot of people move you have probably noticed that it can range from fairly well to goofy to something that looks downright uncomfortable. Before I started wearing Vibrams, I was making a lot of noise when I moved (for those of you who prefer a more technical term I was heel striking hard) and it is oartly because my shoes were putting me in an awkward anatomical position and affecting my gait (or stride). My shoes (even my cross-trainers) were also affecting my posture when I was standing still. Ladies you will definitely have noticed this with high heels, flip flops and any other uncomfortable shoes that you wear because they are cute.

I don’t work for Vibrams and I don’t get any money for talking about their shoes. My motivation for telling you about these shoes is as follows: I’m in the movement business and if you’re reading this it is because we connected and I want you to move better. My feet would kill me after teaching Zumba Fitness and fat loss classes day to day, but by wearing Vibrams I have regained a natural comfortable stride and this translates to all types of movement: sports, fitness, dance and every day activities.

“Do you want feet that are shaped like shoes or shoes that are shaped like feet?” Doesn’t it make sense that our feet are most effective when they are allowed to do their job? Consider that.

As with everything, don’t take my word for it! Check it out and test it for yourself.

Megan K

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