Why Megan K Fitness’ Minneapolis Fitness Boot Camp Delivers Results & Traditional Gyms Don’t…by Sarah Gruber

by Megan K on July 25, 2012

Sarah Deadlifting



“I started training with Megan K in February 2011.

I technically had zero experience in the gym. I’d gone a handful of times with friends but was never motivated to join the gym myself because I never felt comfortable in the “typical” gym setting.  I went as a guest, with a friend to Lifetime Fitness one evening and it happened to be to Megan’s Zumba Fitness class. I was hooked!

Being there several times a week got me thinking about what else I could do at the gym besides Zumba but I still didn’t know where to start and I definitely was not interested in heading into a weight room filled with dude bros looking at me or flexing their muscles.

My friend and I started training with Megan 2-on-1 twice a week at the  private studio she trains out of (not at Lifetime). Soon I was going 3 times a week for training! I loved the results- I dropped 8lbs and 10 inches fast and I really liked the type of workout Megan was teaching us. Primarily we were doing weight lifting, without her ever pushing us beyond where we were comfortable going. You would think it would be easy to slack off but that didn’t happen. The only thing that DID happen was weight loss, muscle gained and lots and lots of progress! 

After several months working with Megan I joined the gym so that I could go whenever I wanted thinking I could easily maintain what I was doing using what I had learned from Megan- but that didn’t happen. And that doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn anything from Megan. I did! But when I joined the gym, I lost the accountability I needed, the structured program, the encouragement and most of all I found myself getting distracted by life and not attending because I had no set appointment. After one year, I had gained back much of what I lost. I realized that I needed the group training atmosphere in order to hold myself accountable and not be distracted by other “more fun” things that may come up. After a year as a member of the gym and going on my own (and accomplishing nothing), I re-joined Megan’s women’s group class. I am back to going many times a week and training with this awesome group of women is amazingly motivating and rewarding. I pay attention to what I eat again, I show up as often as I can (and make it a priority) and most importantly, I have fun doing it.
My improved progress, accountability, motivation and (overall)  attitude about exercise  is proof that working out and eating right is important but the right atmosphere and trainer guiding you are equally (if not more) important.”

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Sarah Gruber

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