Why I Do What I Do

by Megan K on July 19, 2010

On December 24th, 2002 over a glass of Crown Royal, Sebastian Towler (my younger brother) said to me, “Megan, why do you do what you do?”

I responded with, “I do what I do because I have to. I do it because everyday I wake up and remind myself that we were given so many opportunities growing up and that we are very fortunate. We really don’t have anything to worry about. We have somewhere to live, we have food and we have health. Many people around the world would give anything for those basic needs to be met, let alone the opportunities that we have. I do what I do because to not make something out of my life would be a waste and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

That being said, have I always been motivated to work hard and do better? No, of course not. I have gone through phases of mediocrity bordering on out and out lousiness. But each time I go through one of those phases, I eventually emerge and work harder than ever before. I do my best to be kind to myself because I know that life isn’t about perfection; perfection is impossible. Life is about doing better.

A very wise friend recently said to me, we may not always be able to change or move forward in the way we would like, at that time, but we must move forward in whatever way we can.

I do what I do because my life is about doing better. Is yours?

2 comments on “Why I Do What I Do

  1. tchadtu on said:

    Most of us are very fortunate in certain aspects of our lives. The time is now, to stop taking that for granted and move forward. Thanks for the push in the right direction! -TH

  2. Sonoma-Sunshine on said:

    Living is about choices and consequences – Do not fear failure…. fear mediocrity. Fear is rooted in the unknown… learn to embrace the unknown

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