What Are You Looking At?

by Megan K on November 11, 2010

Yes You.

You know who you are.  You are the creepy guy in the weight room who is following women around.  You’re the guy who came over and smelled me during a set of pull-ups.  You’re the group of guys who are audibly talking about the woman doing bent over rows.  You are the reason some women are intimidated to go into the weight room.

Seriously guys?! Get a life and leave us women alone. 

I know its probably tough for you muscle bound meat heads.  You’re working hard, grunting, sweating, spreading “bro love” and  increasing your testosterone levels.  But you aren’t animals.  You’re grown men.  So act like it and cut the bravado and mouth breathing.  The women in the weight room are (almost all) there to get a work out not to be oggled.   

For you women who are working hard and getting hassled, I  have always found that a good death glare and a set of ear phones will discourage even the most determined weight room perverts. 


If that fails, you can always make a complaint. 


Megan K

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