Training Update

by Megan K on July 15, 2011

I should start this update by telling everyone that I feel really good.

I think I am completely healed from my car accident.  My neck is still the first part of my body to get sore if I don’t get enough sleep or if I am feeling frazzled or stressed out, but aside from that I can twist turn, jump, run, act like a goof ball and shake my behind like I used to!

I’m excited to report that my shoulders are getting bigger again- by this I mean that they are larger than they were before the car accident and that my overhead pressing is as strong on some movements and stronger than it was on others, before the accident.  Especially noteworthy for me, is that my Barbell Jerks are back to what they were before the car accident!

My main goals still consist of 10 Pull-Ups unassisted, in a row.

Climbing the ropes at the Movement MN, without any feet.

Deadlifting 2xs + my body weight (although this is temporarily on hold because of all the dancing I have to do on a weekly basis).

And dropping body just a teeny bit more body fat- without losing any more from my chest.  Is that possible? I guess we shall see.

My mother told me that she is going to stop calling me “Meggie Bear” and start calling me “Meggie Monkey” thanks to the latest video

I’m just hoping that one day I’ll lose the “meggie”. Perhaps when I turn 30?

I hope you are rocking your performance goals too!

In good health,
Megan K

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