Tighter Thighs and Buns With Leg Exercises that Kick Butt!

by Megan K on September 20, 2010

Almost all of us exercise because we want results.  We want to look better, feel better, move better and did I mention look better?  

And almost every woman I know wants tighter thighs and buns, but gentlemen don’t stop reading here because this information is for you too. Leg exercises are essential for both sexes because they help to burn fat and build muscle mass. In short leg exercises get results

I work with a lot of women and these questions come up more often than not, “How do I get rid of the fat on my thighs?”, “How can I get a butt?”, “How do I make my butt smaller?”, “How can I get thinner legs?”  

Sadly, it is impossible to simply reduce fat in one area. When we exercise fat will come off of certain areas faster and typically hang around on the places we are genetically predisposed to store it.  That being said, choosing to do multi-joint exercises will blast fat significantly faster than isolation exercises. Translation: Use Big Movements. That means the inner and outer thigh machines are no longer your best friends.  

If you really want to dramatically improve the shape of your legs and buttocks you need to focus on squats, deadlifts, lunges and kettle bell swings.  These exercises involve triple flexion or flexion of the three main joints in the legs: the ankle, knee and hip.  They are big movements so they allow for big calorie burn, muscle recruitment and you guessed it: maximum results!

Before you go running off to squat, deadlift or swing yourself into oblivion remember this:  Keep it easy!  When you exercise at an easy pace you’ll get results that much faster. 

In good health,
Megan K

Additional Information on the Squat can be found in “The Perfect Squat?“ 

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