The Perfect Squat?

by Megan K on August 2, 2010

In the fitness industry, there is a lot of talk about what a squat should and shouldn’t look like. There is no such thing as a perfect squat. There is form that is closer to ideal because the movement pattern is congruous with the intent of the exercise but perfect form, or perfect squats don’t exist. In movement and in life perfect is nonexistent. Instead of perfect there is better. Rather than strive for perfect, what can we strive for is better movement every day.

Without “perfect” form some fitness professionals will tell you shouldn’t do the movement. That is bogus. The only way to get better at something is to start where you are and work from there. Squats are a movement that we do every day in our lives. Not all of us get lined up perfectly and pick things up with “ideal” anatomical positioning but we still do some form of squat. Because we use this movement pattern, it makes sense to train it in the gym, or at home, so that we can improve our quality of movement.

Just in case there is uncertainty about what I mean by a squat this is a simple definition: a squat involves flexion and extension of three different joints: the ankle, knee and hip. It basically involves dropping your bottom toward the floor. A squat is a squat regardless of how close you get to the floor. If you have good Range of Motion you’ll be able to get your bottom closer to the floor than if you do not. If your squat is only a slight movement you should still squat, if it tests well. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of testing your exercises, and choosing only to do those exercises that make you better (feel better, move better) on that day, e-mail me at and we’ll talk about the Gym Movement Protocols.

How to train train squats:

1)First: Test squats and if they test well do them on that day.

2)If one version of the squat doesn’t test well, test a variation.  See the video for alternatives.

3)If none of the squat variations test well, then test them again the next day and do what does test well on that day. If you’re running out of  exercise ideas, contact me.

Remember this if everything makes you better or worse, whenever possible choose things that only make you better.

5 comments on “The Perfect Squat?

  1. Coralea on said:

    Hi, Meg, I liked the squat video. I need to understand about the "testing well for you" business. Mom

  2. consumer cooperation on said:

    Do a video for each major exercise please! This is good.

  3. Megan K on said:

    Hello Consumer Cooperation, gradually as the need arises I'll be talking about various different exercises. I'd love to do a video for each major exercise but it will happen in time. Do you have any particular requests? I appreciate your comment.

  4. Ashlee on said:

    loved the video, i actually really needed the refreasher in squat form. i would suggest a video on the deadlift, i want to make sure my form is correct….and then maybe the clean and jerk since its my favorite. :)

  5. It's quite "pink", but much easier to read. I like it. What do your men think?

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