The Megan K Fitness Community by Nicole Schissel (Plymouth, MN Fitness Boot Camp)

by Megan K on September 1, 2012

“Looking To The Past To Build For The Future: My Experiences in the Megan K Fitness Community”

by Nicole Schissel


“4 years ago, I was 26, a size 22 and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I was done with feeling like that. I made a choice that I needed to change. I started eating a lot less crap and working out with DVDs in my home. The weight came off.


2 years after I made the “just do it already” decision, I was down 80 pounds and a newly engaged lady.


My now husband moved in and my weight ever so slowly crept up as my workouts diminished and my eating habits changed slightly to incorporate the other being in my house.  We got married and it was all the sunshine, rainbows and love that a wedding should be. We settled in to married life and my weight continued to creep, then I heard about Megan K Fitness.


I won’t lie, after my first workout, I couldn’t move. Literally. It was Thanksgiving weekend and it hurt toplay cards, it was hilarious to my family, but it was the 2nd major DUH moment that I had had in 5 years. Here I was, 60 pounds from where I started 4 years ago, but I couldn’t lift weights for an hour without paralyzing myself for the next 3 days. I had done all this work, but I was physically weak, at least in my opinion.


I started working out with Megan twice a week and soreness became a way of life, something was always sore, but it was a wonderful feeling to know that I was pushing to become a better version of myself. I was getting stronger and pretty soon was doing things that other clients were impressed by.


During the competition last year I came in 3rd place, behind Emily and Kristi…you know them…they TRAIN us now. I felt good and strong and was totally on the Megan K train (whooo whooo), then something happened. I got pregnant.


Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy at this time was always the plan, this ain’t no oops baby. The thing that surprised me the most was how I felt in the gym and about the gym. The week before my first doctor’s appointment I rowed a 32 kg kettlebell, it felt awesome, then my doc told me I needed to cut back. I did, but I fought it a little. In the short 6 months I had been with Megan my workouts had become so ingrained in me, pushing myself to lift just a little more was so in my mind that to cut back seemed ludicrious. At first I needed to be reminded and then my body did the reminding for me as the baby grew. I was still going to the gym 3 times a week and still loving the commradrie that I felt with all the woman there. I was 18 weeks when my body wouldn’t let me do what I so desperately wanted to continue to do while I was there, it was time for my break.

Nicole Rowing The 32k Kettlebell


I think about the ladies being at the gym every Sat morning when I am walking the dog and sometimes I feel a little unmoored. It isn’t just the workout I miss. It is the other ladies, hearing about what is going on with them, laughing with them when someone randomly breaks out in song or dance, encouraging them and them encouraging me in return.  Being part of this group of amazing women has helped me realize how strong I can be and the kind of mom I want to be.  


I know I will never go back to where I started 4 years ago and I can’t wait to get back to the gym  to see where I can end up.

Megan asked if I could describe Megan K Fitness in one word what it would be and I said “amaze-balls” but I’ll add community because really the service is amaze-balls, how I feel is awesome but what I belong to is a community.  We are a group of women who encourage and support each other along our journey’s to be the leanest, fittest, healthiest and happiest people we can be- and I love it!”


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