The Gym Movement Protocols: Comments From the Field

by Megan K on March 31, 2011

More and more people are being exposed to the Gym Movement protocols day after day, and it is changing the way that they view exercise and their approach to working out. People are learning that there is no need to push beyond your limits to get results. People are experiencing the perpetual progress phenomena; they are getting better every workout and breaking their personal records.

Below are some comments from the field.  These are things that people who are actually using the Gym Movement protocols are saying about their experiences and successes testing their movements.

Jodie from Plymouth, MN:

“What I like about my workout is that at every workout I do better than my previous workout. Its the best feeling to visualy see that I’m doing better each time. I think that my initial thought of lifting weights was  that it was intriguing to me since it was almost completely opposite of what I was previously doing. The whole process of lifting weights but not pushing your limits made sense, especially after trying it.”

Mary from St. Louis Park, MN:

“Thanks so much for introducing me to this method of training.  I have tried Group Training and Boot Camp in the past, and since I am advancing in age they were a bit tough for me, especially with my younger “competition”.  But I LOVE, the protocols!  I can do it at my own pace, but still work out with friends for inspiration.  I especially like the fact that you work out just UP TO where you are feeling stress on your body – I don’t feel like I am hobbling out of the gym and in pain until my next workout! Best is the results – decrease in weight almost 5 lbs., down in body fat 3.5 percent, and down in inches 8 over a two month period!  The best results I’ve ever had in the gym.”

Val from St Louis Park, MN:

“Well, you know how happy I am with having started this method of training;  5.5% body fat lost, total of 8 inches lost, 4 in the waist alone (in two months)!!!  Enough said, right?  But seriously, I really enjoy that I am combining my strength training and cardio. As a working mom, time for myself is limited.  I appreciate that I can do weight training and burn fat at the same time and get great results.  I would recommend this class to ANYONE!!!  Doesn’t matter how fit (or unfit) you consider yourself to be.  This class will definitely help you achieve your fitness goals.”

Joan from Plymouth, MN

“They are really onto something with this not pushing yourself thing”

Kyle from Minot, ND

“Before I would leave the gym totally exhausted, sometimes even needing a nap. Now I leave feeling great! And I am the strongest and leanest I’ve ever been before because of this system of training.”

Sarah from St. Louis Park, MN

“As someone who had never worked out before, the Gym Movement’s testing protocol method has been perfect! It allows me to exercise in a way that works for me. I learn new movements each week and use the ones that feel the best on each particular day. Without pushing myself I am able to accomplish more than I ever would have thought and see results very quickly.”

Nothing is more satisfying as a trainer than knowing that your clients are getting better every single time they exercise, but the bottom line are the results.  When you train using the Gym Movement Protocols you will learn how to test movements and choose exercises to help you get your leanest, strongest and healthiest body ever.

Contact me to find out more information and to get started!

In good health,

Megan K

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