The Best Dance Movies of All Time

by Megan K on April 9, 2011

I love to dance.

I dance whenever I can and even when I don’t really feel like dancing, if a good song comes on I just start to tap my foot, bop my head or wiggle by my hiney. Most of the time, I can’t help myself.

So it is no big surprise that I have seen most dance related movies.

These are by far the best dance movies of all time, if you haven’t seen them then you must promptly remedy that situation by watching them all, this weekend. :-)

Dirty Dancing
Does it really get any better than Jennifer Grey’s character Baby taking time out from silly games to learn how to dance with the ├╝ber hot Patrick Swayze?

Steel welder Alex dreams of studying dance at a prestigious school. Because of her “awesome” workouts, long hours of dance practice and a helpful boyfriend connection, she realizes her dream.

Take The Lead
Based on a true story, Antonio Banderas (always a win) plays Pierre DuLaine a man known for his dancing classrooms. Pierre goes into the inner city to help out with a discipline problem and offers to run a detention program. He turns it into an opportunity for the students’ to learn some different styles of ball room dance.
Beautifully choreographed and performed. The first major dance scene, featuring the tango, still gives me the goose bumps!

Save the Last Dance

Girl meets boy. Tensions arise because he is black and she is white. But romance ensues and boy helps girl prepare for a big dance audition.

Step Up

As punishment for vandalism the protagonist has to do community service hours at the school where he destroyed property. There he inadvertently meets a young woman who has recently lost her dance partner. He offers to help her rehearse and ends up dancing and falling in love with her.


A teen moves to a new city and discovers that rock music and dance have been banned!

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