Stephanie W: Minneapolis, MN

“Up until a little over a month ago, I had been telling myself that my failed attempts at losing weight in recent years was due to the fact that I was “getting old”.  I turn 40 next year, and I just assumed my metabolism had slowed down and I was doomed to live the rest of my life as a member of the rapidly increasing population of obese Americans.  I decided that life was unfair. I had been in great shape through most of my 20′s and I had no trouble staying at a healthy weight then.   

Stephane W (2 weeks into training with Megan K Fitness)
I gained weight when I had my daughter, and when my first marriage was unraveling because I used food to comfort me, but I lost it all in subsequent years when I joined a popular diet program that focused on food tracking and eating a low-fat diet, where exercise was optional.  If you exercised, then you could consume the calories you burned while exercising.  So, I would exercise just so I could eat more.  I thought it was great.  At that time, my fridge was filled with every fat-free and diet item you could imagine.  However, once I reached my goal weight, I stopped tracking and started eating “regular” food again, because honestly, I love to cook and love food that tastes good and the fat-free and diet foods just didn’t taste all that great and didn’t leave me feeling satisfied.  Needless to say, the weight started to creep back.  
I got remarried two years ago and the pounds continued to pile back on as I focused on spending time with my husband and daughter, bought a house, survived layoffs in the economic downturn, and endured increased work stress.  Eating right and exercising were no longer big priorities for me.   So, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I weighed myself one day to find that I was back at the weight I’d been at when I was at my heaviest 8 years earlier.  I joined a gym, but I’ve never really liked working out on machines while staring at a TV or a blank wall, and would rather run outside than on a treadmill.  After months of not making use of the membership, I finally cancelled it.
This past winter I resolved to try to get fit again. I bought workout DVD’s and set up a small workout space in my basement.  I resolved to get up at 5:30 every morning to work out. That resolve lasted for a couple of weeks, but as time went on it became easier and easier to hit the snooze button in the morning and tell myself I would work out the next day, because there’s always tomorrow, and I only had to be accountable to me.  I had gone back to eating fat-free and diet foods and managed to lose about 10 pounds over a couple of months, but as soon as I returned from my trip, I stopped exercising and tracking what I ate and regained the weight I had lost.
About six weeks ago I saw pictures of a co-worker’s wife on Facebook and it was very noticeable that she had lost weight.  I asked him what she had done to take the pounds off.  He said that his sister, his mother, his soon-to-be sister-in-law, and his wife were all going to sessions led by a trainer several times a week and they were totally hooked on it.  I had to find out more about this addicting workout, so he put me in touch with his wife to get the details.  A few days later I met Megan, and that’s when things changed.
I remember being nervous about trying out my first “booty” camp session because I didn’t know any of the women besides my co-worker’s wife, and I had no idea what the class would entail.  I had heard horror stories from other friends who went to boot camp classes where the instructor would yell at you and get in your face military-style during the class.  I definitely didn’t want that. Then, Megan introduced herself to me and my fears were laid to rest.  Picture a petite red-head with an ear-to-ear grin who exudes positive energy.  This is Megan.  Definitely not a drill sergeant.
Most of my exercise up to this point in time had been in the form of running.  I rarely worked out with weights because I was of the opinion that the fastest way to lose weight was by doing heavy cardio workouts.  So, I felt a little clumsy during the first session as Megan led us through several series of kettlebell, dumbbell, and core exercises.  She explained every exercise before we did it, whether you were a newbie or had been going to classes for three months.  I could tell that she was very interested in making sure we all had the proper form so we didn’t injure ourselves as she gave suggestions while we were doing the exercises, and offered modifications for those with existing trouble areas.  Plus, there was no yelling, unless you count the occasional outburst as someone was pounding out their day’s frustrations on the tractor tire with the sledgehammer.
I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that all the women were very friendly.  I’m not sure why I expected any different.  I mean, who has time to judge when you’re focused on getting the right form for your push press?  Plus, I never got the sense that there was any sort of unspoken competition going on to see who could use the heaviest weight for their kettlebell swing, or who could do the most push-ups in the one minute interval.  In fact, the motto in Megan’s class is work until you’re tired, take a break, then start back up again.  It’s not about pushing yourself to the limit and beyond so that you end up with an injury, never wanting to workout again.
The sessions are a lot of fun, and they’re different every time.  You may be doing the same type of exercises, but never the exact same set of exercises two days in a row, and not in the same format.  Also, as time goes on and you find yourself getting stronger, maybe using the 12 pound dumbbell for your front row just isn’t that much of a challenge anymore, so you just pick up the 15 or 20 pound dumbbell and keep on going.  The workout can be as easy or challenging as you want to make it.
After attending a couple more sessions, I decided that I was ready to make the commitment to attend three times a week, because I was already feeling better after just two.  One month later, I’m happy to report that I’ve lost 15 pounds and am down 15 inches!  I’ve never had those kinds of results working out on my own because it was always so easy to skip my workouts because I didn’t have anyone to be accountable to besides myself.  I’m also learning that taking body measurements and calculating body fat percentage are more accurate representations of your progress than the number on the scale.
The other big eye-opener for me that has also greatly contributed to my results and continued weight loss was information that Megan shared with me about the types of foods that are key in attaining overall good health.  She challenged me to commit to following her eating guidelines for two weeks.  I could then see how I felt and decide if I wanted to continue eating that way, or go back to the way I was eating before (but tracking food in both situations and staying within a certain number of calories).  Her plan consisted of removing processed foods from my diet by eating foods that are minimally processed and organic.  This results in ingesting fewer carbs, fewer added sugars, fewer chemicals, and increased protein.  I stuck with the plan for three weeks actually, and have kept on going.  I haven’t had a can of pop in six weeks, I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking green tea, and I’ve actually saved money by cooking more at home instead of going out to eat.  I no longer buy fat-free or diet foods because I started reading the labels and realized that they usually contain more artificial ingredients and sugars or sugar alcohol to make up for the lack of taste caused by removing the fat.  The food I eat now is pure and simple, takes less time to prepare, and leaves me feeling satisfied, and just feeling healthier overall.
It’s been hard work, but it’s been very rewarding.  I still have a long way to go to, but I know that I’ll get there with Megan’s support and the support of the other women in the sessions.  Also, I’m looking at this as a permanent lifestyle change instead of something I’ll follow until I reach my goal.  The first and hardest step for me was deciding to make my health and well-being a priority. Now I realize that using my age as something to stand in the way of attaining better health is just an excuse, because I plan on being healthier at 40 than I was at 39!”


Amy S: Minnetonka

“Megan K is a fabulous trainer! She meets her clients where they are and helps them discover a better version of themselves. Megan is not a trainer who pushes you to perfection, because she knows that perfection doesn’t exist. The goal is always better and Megan K inspires her clients of all ages, sizes and backgrounds, to eat better, move better, do better and be better.

I was first interested in what Megan had to say when I heard her speak and share her philosophy to stop when it gets hard. I have learned through Megan’s guidance that by listening to my body I can make the best progress. Megan, along with her team, teach us about the exercises that will help increase strength and burn body fat and the foods that help in that process. Since training with Megan, I feel great. I have more energy and less stress. I have lost weight and made some new friends.

In the last year I have accomplished many things I couldn’t have imagined a year ago. I truly never pictured myself as someone who would be weight training multiple times a week but now I am hooked. Megan’s booty camp classes are so much fun. There is a great camaraderie with the other women. Megan K Fitness classes are accessible and non-intimidating. Everyone has similar goals and supports one another.

I love working out with Megan K because the classes are fun and varied. I know I will get a great workout every single time. There is always music and laughter and the workout is different each time, so you don’t get bored.

I have lost about 20 pounds and many inches and I feel great. I am physically and mentally stronger and I have found a workout that I love. I recommend Megan K Fitness to anyone who wants to make a change, get stronger, lose weight or get back in shape”.

Michelle Mitchell: Saint Paul, MN

“Being overweight for most of my life, I never thought I would be able to get fit. After countless weight loss programs, fad diets, and diet pills I thought the only answer was Gastric Bypass Surgery. After weighing the risks and side effects of surgery, I decided to make another effort to find a non surgical means to weight loss.

I am so grateful that I found the Megan K Fitness program online. Skeptical and scared, I dove into Megan’s Fat Loss Boot Camp program giving 100%. My results in the past three months have changed my entire outlook on fitness. I  have lost over 20 pounds and 25+ inches.  I now have more energy, a better attitude, and a stronger body. 

I have learned a great deal about food structure and how certain foods affect my body. I have a better knowledge of nutrition in general and am more aware what, when and how much I am eating. An aspect that I find very valuable is that Megan not only trains me how to exercise, but also teaches me why such exercises are a successful part of my fat loss. All exercise programs and methods are not created equal, and Megan knows just what I need to accomplish my fitness goals.

Megan is professional, dedicated, sincere and most importantly compassionate about her clients needs. Megan is a great inspiration and always has faith in my abilities. I can trust Megan with the fitness instruction and advice she gives me. I am also impressed by the amount of support and encouragement I receive from Megan and from the other ladies in the classes. Working out is now fun and I look forward to it every week.”


Donna H: Plymouth

My name is Donna. I have been Megan’s client since October of 2011. I found Megan through an internet search engine. I was looking for a weight loss BOOT CAMP because I was getting nowhere fast in my weight loss journey. In fact, despite all of my efforts, I gained weight. At the time, I was interested in an aggressive approach to losing weight. What I gained was so much more. What follows here may sound more like a PRO MEGAN K FITNESS CAMPAIGN than a testimonial, but it is not a campaign as it is my personal experience with Megan.

When I contacted Megan, she was firm with me and told me that if I wanted to lose weight she had two requirements; show up at least twice a week and keep a food journal. Well since then, I have been showing up sometimes more than twice a week and I am keeping track of my foods easily (the majority of the time ).

Megan’s work out classes are fun and go by fast because they are conducted in a “No Frill’s type of gym. Beware; there are NO treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes or any other machines. We use weights and we use them for every muscle in our body…well, almost every muscle. She varies the routines which makes the classes fun. The environment is comfortable because we work out with women who, of course, are No Frills kind of woman that want to get healthy. The ages within each class can vary from 25 – 60 or maybe 70. I am 50 so I sort of fall in the middle…well maybe not the middle, but close! Megan is able to tailor the workout to meet everyone’s physical needs and condition. She offers classes before work, after work and on the weekends in two different locations. This makes it easy to show up for at least 2 if not 3 or 4 classes per week.

I found keeping track of my daily food intake the most challenging over the years of trying to lose weight due to my hectic lifestyle. Now, I am single mom with a 9 and 10 year old and I run a demanding business. Before I met Megan, I would start to track and then forget. I was never consistent and soon I would stop all together. This pattern also was evident in my exercise routine. Megan guided me toward free APP options to track food. I downloaded My Net Diary onto my phone. This Diary is not only super easy, it helps me plan and spend more time reviewing the nutritional value of foods that I enjoy. It makes tracking fun and I’ve learned about the foods I was eating.

I know everyone is anxious to hear about my Weight Loss Success Story. Well, I am still on my W.L. Journey and will likely be on it for a while as it took me years to put it on. My story is about determination and my commitment to living a healthier life style for me and my two beautiful children. I owe so much to Megan for helping transform my lifestyle and providing me with the support and encouragement I needed to keep motivated. For me, this is not a short term fix. If I want to live a long life raising my children and meet my grandchildren, it is imperative that I make long lasting life style changes. Megan continues to show me support, encouragement, inspiration and a never give up attitude. She is very motivating and uplifting and I know this is what has helped me hang in there. When I am down, she picks me up. She doesn’t let go and she is determine for me to succeed in my goals

Thanks to Megan, I feel stronger, healthier, have more energy, eat better and feed my children better foods. For me, Megan has been more than a personal trainer. She has become my nutritional life line.

Thank You Megan for being a Great Trainer and life coach J

Sincerely, Donna Horsam

Lisa Russell: Saint Paul, MN

I trained with Megan for 8 months and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. I was at my heaviest weight and had no motivation to exercise or eat right. A co-worker recommended that I try Megan. I was very hesitant since I really had not exercised in a very long time. (Since elementary school P.E.) From the very first meeting I was very comfortable with Megan. She made the classes fun and I always looked forward to the classes. The exercises are things I can do on my own but I will be honest and say it is much easier to train by going to the classes and getting the direct instruction from Megan. Her nutritional information has been invaluable and is something I will continue to use for the rest of my life. I have more energy now and feel good about myself. I would highly recommend Megan to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. In the past 2 months I have lost 10 pounds and more importantly 10 inches!

Note: Lisa recently sent me a client because she assured someone, that “I don’t yell and that I’m super nice”. She is absolutely right, I don’t yell, but I do encourage people to constantly ask the best of themselves!


Emily LeVasseur: Plymouth, MN

“I’ve played sports throughout my life and trained in various fitness classes, with personal trainers, and with a multitude of infomercial DVDs (Yoga Booty Ballet, anyone?).  Despite my efforts, the pounds still slowly accrued in my years of adulthood as I became more sedentary and I was finding it difficult to become motivated to continue to exercise on my own.  I knew Megan was different from the moment I visited her website. The positive energy and care for her clients was apparent even via the information superhighway.  I remember coming home after my first awesome workout and being perplexed by the strange techniques that were so foreign to me … stop when you get tired?  Do what feels best for you?  Take a lighter weight and do 6 sets?  I told my boyfriend after that first workout that I would probably have to tweak a couple of things to make this work for me because surely something this reasonable (and painless) wouldn’t yield the results I was expecting.  Thanks to James’s rationalization and understanding of my personality, he suggested that Megan probably has better knowledge of fitness than I and that I should give it 8 weeks of doing it her way before I tried my own modifications.  The result was that she never steered me wrong and what I learned about physical activity and nutrition absolutely blew my mind.  I’ve learned to listen to my body’s physical and nutritional needs.  I’ve learned to unite my mind with my body and not feel guilty about indulging a bit or taking a day of rest.  I’ve learned the specific effects that processed foods and carbohydrates have on my body and found a balance of nutrition that is efficient for my needs and also reasonable to prepare.  I’ve now been training with Megan for 4 months and I’m as strong as I’ve ever been in my life.  My personal goal is to be able to do a pull-up, and I can get my nose to the bar which is the closest I’ve ever been!  Training with Megan has absolutely been a life-changing experience.”


Note: Emily recently sent me this message:  “I have no clothes that fit. I’m wearing a bridesmaid dress to a party tonight that fit snugly last summer and it’s presently falling off. Literally.”


Arpita Dumra: New Brighton, MN

Joining Megan K Fitness for her twice a week boot-camp and Saturday zumba classes has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The classes are small in size (making it feel more of a personal session), fun and motivating. I’ve always been moderately active but the weight never came off. Working out in a team and tracking my daily calorie intake was the key to my success. It’s difficult at first, but gets easier as long as there is a commitment. Thanks Megan for pushing the food journal idea, for making the class’ fun and for all the encouragement. I lost 6 lbs of fat, 9 inches and gained 3 lbs of muscle in two months. Overall, I have more energy, my clothes feel more comfortable and I feel so much more positive about life. There still is a long road ahead but keeping committed to Megan’s fitness classes will make the summer of 2012 a blast (some where there is a red polka dotted bikini waiting for me).


Miranda Pilrose: Saint Louis Park, MN

After hitting 30 and experiencing the inevitable metabolism slowdown, I’d put on quite a few extra pounds. Working out with Megan has helped me lose more weight and inches than I could have imagined. With her tough-but-fun workout classes and nutritional advice, I’m down 7.5 pounds and almost 12 inches in just the first two weeks!

In addition to the awesomeness that is quick weight loss, it’s just fun. You’re never doing the same thing over and over again with Megan, and the atmosphere is so different than any other gym or workout class I’d been a part of. There’s no beauty contest here, no showing off or judging. Just a group of people enjoying a great workout with great people.

I would highly suggest working with Megan to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Her experience and knowledge will ensure quick results!

Note: Miranda is now down over 20lbs and more than 16 inches.


Michelle:  Minnetonka, MN on what it is like to train with Megan K Fitness.

“I started training with Megan in Sept 2011 after my husband kept bugging me to give her training services a try. He had already been training with her and assured me how great and nice she was.

I am in my 40′s and have 3 kids. Despite working out on my own 1-2 times/week, I kept putting on weight and feeling totally out of shape. My metabolism slowed down and I could no longer eat what I wanted without gaining weight. I kept buying bigger clothes and pulling out the old clothes that were too tight. It was downright depressing.

Our first meeting was in a group format, we all ranged in ages and sizes and goals. My main goal was to lose 20 lbs and to get in better shape. I never thought that I would also learn how to eat, how to work out effectively and to actually enjoy going to the gym. The support and comradery I have felt, from Megan and the group, has been amazing!

Megan has taught me so much in just the past 8 months. The results I have gotten speak for themselves. I have lost 15 lbs and have gone down 2 sizes. My clothes that didn’t fit anymore, fit again and most importantly, I am eating better and feel less tired and have more energy. I don’t feel as stressed out. I even wore a bikini in Hawaii in February for the first time in 13 years! People come up to me and say how great I look or comment that I look like I’ve lost weight. There is no greater compliment than to be told how great I look and I owe it all to Megan!

Megan has been a lot of fun to train with because she is always happy to be with us, smiling and encouraging with funny stories to share. She is not afraid to push us but also recognizes when we need to take it down a notch. I would recommend her to anyone interested in meeting their goals-whatever they may be, to getting control back in your life regarding fitness, and to feel good about themselves! She is a miracle worker!
Thank you for everything Megan!”


My note: I think Michelle isn’t giving herself quite enough credit ;-) She did after all show up diligently for her workouts and act on my suggested guidelines for eating healthier.

Kristi: Chanhassen, MN
“My name is Kristi Hicks and I’ve been training with Megan K since November of 2011. I am proud to share that I AM THE STRONGEST I’VE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE. I don’t make this statement lightly. I’m a group fitness instructor and have been committed to fitness in a serious way since 2001.
I’ve worked out with a number of trainers over the years, followed numerous workout programs and participated in various group fitness classes, so why have I seen a dramatic difference in results here?
  • 1) The Philosophy that Megan uses in her training (trust me you have not trained this way before, I promise).
  • 2) The Accountability (I see Megan at minimum twice per week and it’s an appointment in my calendar that does not change and it’s why I’ve been successful).
  • 3) The Nutrition Information (you won’t get this information somewhere else, and it’s not the nutrition info you’ve heard before, again I promise).
The value and benefits of the program that Megan has put together are worth far more than the investment I make in it. If you’re ready to be part of something that can literally change your life (your energy level, your body, your relationship with food, your view of “fitness”)  then you are ready to get started. You should contact Megan K today to start your own success story.  I look forward to seeing you in class!”
Christina Peterson: Brooklyn Park, MN
“I started with Megan after I tried a couple of other programs that did not work for me.  I love the fun, sometimes challenging workouts that  Megan has us do weekly. Each session is different, which keeps it exciting and interesting for me. After, one month I was down 5 lbs and 14 inches! As of now, I am down close to 20lbs and more than 20 inches. 
I will continue to train with Megan because I see her getting woman after woman closer to their fat loss goals and because I love the other ladies.  I like that we have fun, that we support and encourage each other and that we have a private facebook group to suggest recipes, and plan non food related events. “
Cassie Sampson:  Minneapolis, MN

“Over the course of the three months that I have been attending the fat-blasting class, Megan has taught me how important both eating right and exercising regularly are for a healthy lifestyle. I know that you might be saying Duh and that everybody knows this, but then why is it so hard to achieve? Megan makes leading a healthy lifestyle tangible by using her knowledge and experience to provide you with the tools necessary to make your goals a reality.There are two key elements to Megan’s fat-blasting class: fitness and food. Fitness: Okay, this is going to sound really far-fetched (and no Megan isn’t paying me to write this) but the fat-blasting classes are FUN! In fact, I can recall a number of times where I have begged Megan to let me stay for an extra hour or to come to another class during the week. It’s hard to pinpoint why I love the fat-blasting class so much but one of the main reasons is how it makes me feel. I have so much more energy now compared to when I started. The atmosphere of Megan’s classes is a wonderful bonus. The people I work out with are there for the same reasons I am, to lose weight. I never feel out of place because I can’t do a move correctly or can’t lift a weight over my head because everyone else is usually is usually in the same boat.There is a lot of laughter during Megan’s classes which makes the time fly by, plus I think laughter burns calories.Food: During one of the first fat-blasting classes, Megan asked us to write down why we eat and then to write down why athlete’s eat. Here were some of the reasons why our group ate: out of boredom, social situations (can anyone say potlucks?), something taste’s good, lack of willpower, and quick hunger fixes. Here is what we wrote down for why athletes eat: fueling their body, energy, and getting key nutrients.  The first list represents how I used to eat on a regular basis. I took no time to think about what I was putting into my body and why I was doing it. I am slowly starting to think about my food intake as athletes do and while it is a slow process with plenty of slip-ups (those darn potlucks), I now take the time to think about why I am putting food in my body and Megan is the reason for this shift in my thinking. What is so refreshing about Megan versus other personal trainers I have heard about is that she makes mistakes with her food intake as well and she is not shy about sharing. She enjoys pizza and macaroni & cheese like the rest of us! By sharing her successes and failures with food, Megan has shown me that nobody is perfect and that all you can do is try your hardest.I would recommend Megan’s classes to anyone who wants to make a change for the better. Losing weight in a healthy manner is not a quick fix and takes a lot of hard work, but with Megan’s help and your dedication it can become a reality. I have the biceps to prove it.”Note: Cassie is down close to 10lbs and multiple inches and recently told me she was able to buy her first ever pair of tall boots! Prior to that she had struggled to find boots that had adequate space for her calves.


Doug Rued:

Please accept my recommendation of Megan Kruger without reservation. Megan has been my physical fitness trainer since February. At age 57, my personal fitness was in need of significant betterment. In the four months working with Megan, I’m in the best shape in 30 years. She has produced a training schedule that not only pushes me to perform but at the same time considers the physical detrmients my body has accumulated. Megan’s disposition compliments her professional attributes.

Meg Fraas:

I worked with Megan for about a year. My overall goals included losing weight, becoming more flexible, and to decrease the pain in my lower back due to two herniated discs. She was able to work around my back injury and we came up with a workout plan that best fit my needs. I was able to reach my overall goal of increasing my flexibility and to lose the added weight that I had gained from my back injury- which was 20 lbs. Megan was able to motivate me without yelling or pushing me too the breaking point. She was also in tune with what I needed every day and she was able to switch up the workout plan if need be. There were times when my back was really hurting and she was still able to work with me by either incorporating stretches into our workout plan or modifying our workout. Along the way, I also learned more about nutrition from the conversations that I held with Megan. This was also another big factor in helping me reach my weight loss goals. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get in shape and to change their lifestyle, to work with Megan.

Steve Thuner:

I began using Megan’s training expertise in August of 2009. I came into her program with just a goal of losing weight. She started by assessing what I was eating and my previous experience within a gym program. We refined my goals to include not only losing weight but becoming more fit and disciplined as well. I started by writing down everything I ate for two weeks so that she could get an idea of what I had been consuming. Megan pointed out ways that I could cut calories and use the number of calories that I was consuming count more towards my fitness goals. She developed a program that we would utilize the following three months and then I would be able to take what I learned and continue on my own. In my previous experience with working out, I would get to a point that I would become bored because things got easier which led to me quitting. Working out with Megan things never got easy, they became a little more comfortable, but I was never able to master any of our workouts. Megan changed the way I looked at food and the way I approached working out at the gym. I continue to work out and enjoy the challenges to this day because of what Megan did for me.

George Lowther:

Dear Megan, I’m very sorry to hear that you are moving away. I want to thank you for teaching me many exciting ZUMBA routines that have made exercising so much fun. You have inspired me to continue working out in this way for the many health benefits I have experienced already. I have lost weight and feel better than I have in years. At 61 years old I need a form of exercise that provides aerobic conditioning, and improves flexibility and balance. ZUMBA dance classes do that and more. Dancing and exercising to Latin music lifts my spirit and makes me feel young again.

When I broke my hip two years ago I thought I would never regain my strength and flexibility that I once had. Many months of exercising helped with my strength but my flexibility really improved after we started the ZUMBA classes last fall. Soon I will be taking the ZUMBA Gold instructor training. I want to help other people my age experience the best exercise program I’ve ever seen. Thank you for encouraging me to sign up for this training.

So Megan, I want to thank you for introducing me to the ZUMBA fitness program, and I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do. You are a very talented physical fitness trainer with a wonderful personality that makes you something special. I always work harder when you’re the leader for the day. You have a way of connecting with each person in the class that makes them want to work hard and keep coming back for more. I never would have thought that I could do the things you taught me at my age. I am very pleased with the results I have achieved with your workouts. Keep on motivating and training people to be in the best physical condition they can be so they can enjoy life to the fullest.

God bless you and thanks a million for all your hard work. You’re the best!