Staying Hydrated

by Megan K on August 27, 2010

It has been exceptionally hot in the mid-west this past few weeks, which means people are doing a lot more sweating.  Because of that several clients have asked me about hydration and how to stay hydrated.

There is a lot of debate about how much water a person needs to drink in order to stay hydrated. Here are some questions that I ask to determine how much water to drink. Please recognize that I’m not your physician nor am I you; you are best qualified to determine what your body needs.

1)How much do you weigh?

Some studies suggest that a person should drink half of his or her body weight in fluid ounzes.

ie: 140lb woman is drinking 70 ozs of water per day

2)How much caffeine do you consume?

For every cup of coffee or tea consider that as an addition to the hydration defecit because caffeine acts as a diuretic within the body. What this means, in the simplest terms, is that it causes an increase in urination or excretion of bodily fluids. This is not to say eliminate all caffeine from your life but if you do consume some be prepared to drink more water on those days.

3)How salty and sweet are your foods?

You may have noticed that if you eat something particularly salty you feel thirsty. This is often the case for foods with added sugar as well.

4)How much activity are you doing?

If you’re moving around a lot, especially on hot days, you must consume extra fluids.

5)How do you feel? Are you exhausted? Does your head hurt? Do you feel hungry shortly after you have eaten? These all could be indicators that you need more water.

If you don’t drink enough water you may start to look or feel like this…

With adequate water you’ll start to feel more like this…

As with all fitness advice, you must test it out and figure out what works best for you.

In good health and hydration, Megan K

2 comments on “Staying Hydrated

  1. Megan K on said:

    Thank you to Coralea Towler for the lovely photos of her basil plants. Yes, it is the same plant.

  2. Coralea on said:

    Hi, Meg, Love the use of the basil photos! Of course I would have put them at the top of the story! xoxo Mom

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