Squishy Gone, Self-Confidence Up!

by Megan K on August 18, 2014

Being a part of changing and improving lives is really the most humbling feeling.


Maybe everyone won’t completely agree with me, but I would bet my last dollar

most would. It’s not only humbling when you positively affect one person’s life but

when they get so excited and share it with their family and friends and it changes

their lives too, how can you not be humbled?


Rachael Solberg is one of these clients. She came to us after doing workouts on her

lunch at her company’s gym and that was only if they offered classes she liked. They

also offered a class for an hour after work but if she had a meeting either at lunch or

after work she didn’t workout. Now that she is with us that has changed.


“I love that FBBC offers training sessions at all hours of the day – it makes it easy for

changing schedules”, claims Rachael.


Rachael gets up at 5:15AM and makes it to the early morning workouts. Her new dedication to

fitness is contagious and exciting and a great site to see but she will tell you that her

inspiration comes from others at FBBC.


“I find inspiration in the other clients at FBBC”, adds Rachael. “It’s pretty incredible

what others are pushing themselves to do. It makes me want to push myself that

much more every session.”


She adds, “getting up at 5:15 isn’t easy but knowing I’ll have more energy

throughout the day, sleep better at night and just feel better overall makes it worth



Rachael has not only changed her attitude and self-confidence but her body image 

as well. She told me she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin and although she wasn’t 

“unhealthy” as she called it, she knew she wasn’t in the best shape she could be.


“Before FBBC, I felt soft, (squishy) and not fit”, claims Rachael. “I was a little self-conscious

wearing shorts or a swimming suit. Lake weekends, swimming and outdoor activities

are such a huge part of summer in MN, so it can be frustrating when you’re not

comfortable in your own skin. But now clothes are fitting better, friends and family

have complimented me that I look in shape, which in turn boosts my confidence



It’s pretty amazing to take someone who wasn’t feeling so hot about herself and

see her do a complete 180. And better yet, people are noticing and that has done

wonders for Rachael’s self-esteem.


Rachael has accomplished so much since joining our family. She has lost 3% body

fat and really toned up her body. (If you know Rachael you wouldn’t have believed

that she had 3% body fat to lose). She is wearing clothes she would have never worn

before and she is holding her head up high.


This is why I wouldn’t change what I do for anything in the world.


“The best thing that has happened to me since joining FBBC, is that I have better

self-image and confidence and am feeling strong”, states Rachael.


We are so proud of you Rachael!!

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