She hated exercise…but loves it now.

by Megan K on September 1, 2014

Building a community is so important when it comes to our fitness family. We are

not just here to help someone lose weight. All of us work together to provide an

environment that is fun, encouraging and truly like family. We take pride in this.


One of our amazing former members, Andrea Heuer, said some very kind words and I

wanted to share them with the rest of you.


“I started working out at FBBC spring of 2013”, states Andrea. “I had never enjoyed

working out and I was very out of shape. Megan and the rest of the trainers are

spectacular. They somehow found a way to make me enjoy my workouts; something

I thought I would never say.”


Seriously, how cool is that? To take someone that didn’t like to exercise at all and

change her attitude. It’s all about putting them first and building our community.


“Every time I would walk in before a workout, whoever was the trainer that day

would say, “Hi Andrea” and give me a big smile”, adds Andrea. “It may sound silly,

but it always made me feel welcome and that I belonged there.”


The best part about this is that everyone is like this. And when I say everyone, I

mean the clients too. We have such an awesome environment; we really can’t call

this work. This is changing lives!


“Another aspect I love about FBBC is that the trainers would push me when they

knew I could do more and would find alternative exercises for me when I was

unable to do something”, states Andrea.


“Thanks to Megan and FBBC, I ran my first 7K this spring. Had it not been for 

starting here last spring, I would have never been motivated enough to get myself 

off the couch and start a running program. But the trainers made me feel like I could 

accomplish anything, so I tried it, and did it!”  (Folks you can do it.  I am sure you can)


Unfortunately Andrea lives too far away and can no longer make the commute, but

I still felt compelled to share her story. We still keep in touch and I love seeing her

pictures on Facebook. She is maintaining this lifestyle, which makes me know we

truly made a difference.


In her closing statement to me she said, “I’ve lost approximately 22 pounds. I have 

 a ways to go but thanks to my positive experience at FBBC, I am on the right track. I 

 feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.”


Andrea’s attitude is awesome. She continues to lose weight and look great and while

we haven’t been able to continue to be her main source for fitness I’m just happy to

have had the opportunity to be a part of her life and to have made exercise accessible

for her.


I love what I do :-)


Megan K and the team

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