by Megan K on March 16, 2012


Whenever I doubt myself and my ability to do something I think about my clients- and I get fired up!

Why?  They provide me with daily inspiration.

In the last couple of weeks, several of my clients over the age of 55 have completed REAL push-ups. Not one, but several real push-ups!  And all of my clients have made serious fat loss progress. I guess that might go without saying since fat loss is what I help my clients achieve…

The seasoned clients inspire me because they are on track to achieving all that they have wanted with their physique and fitness goals and because they have persued their goals through adversity! Translation: they never give up.

But it is the ones that are new to exercise and who have the most to gain from starting a program that have awed me (once again) this week.

Take my new client Corinne:

She just began a 21 Day Sexy (Get Skinny) Make-Over on Monday. The simple act of making the decision to do something new and to get outside of your comfort zone can be intimidating.   But she did it and she started this week.

Wait though because it gets better, she originally told me that she was unmotivated and hated exercise.

I have heard things like that before, but it is now hard for me to believe them from Corinne because I’ve already seen her 4 times this week!  I know that she will crush all of her goals.


Ranjini is another awesome example from this week. Instead of being nervous to start a program without support, she brought in 6 of her friends to start with her!


But my favorite story of inspiration this week comes from Michelle.  Whenever you doubt yourself and your abilities, remind yourself that the only person who truly stands in the way of you and your goals is you. 

Michelle McDonald on how exercise is changing her life:

“Being overweight for most of my life, I never thought I would be able to get fit. After countless weight loss programs, fad diets, and diet pills I thought the only answer was Gastric Bypass Surgery. After weighing the risks and side effects of surgery, I decided to make another effort to find a non surgical means to weight loss.

I am so grateful that I found the Megan K Fitness program online.

Skeptical and scared, I dove into Megan’s Fat Loss Boot Camp program giving 100%.

My results in the past three months have changed my entire outlook on fitness.

I  have lost over 20 pounds and 25+ inches.  I now have more energy, a better attitude, and a stronger body.

I have learned a great deal about food structure and how certain foods affect my body. I have a better knowledge of nutrition in general and am more aware what, when and how much I am eating. An aspect that I find very valuable is that Megan not only trains me how to exercise, but also teaches me why such exercises are a successful part of my fat loss. All exercise programs and methods are not created equal, and Megan knows just what I need to accomplish my fitness goals.

Megan is professional, dedicated, sincere and most importantly compassionate about her clients needs. Megan is a great inspiration and always has faith in my abilities. I can trust Megan with the fitness instruction and advice she gives me. I am also impressed by the amount of support and encouragement I receive from Megan and from the other ladies in the classes. Working out is now fun and I look forward to it every week.” (Michelle’s words)


This is Michelle getting ready for the 1st Annual Winter Booty Class Competition, something she was not sure she could do.

And here she is- doing it.

On that day she did more repetitions of certain lifts than she had ever done before.







When working toward a goal or thinking about setting a new goal, whether it be fitness or life related, self-doubt can creep into your mind.  In fact a more primitive part of your brain can take over with an ugly inner dialogue filled with negative garbage that is meant to keep you in your comfort zone. Typically this combination of fear and excitement is a signal that you are headed in the right direction for you- a better and new direction.

My challenge for you this week is to face your fears, to set some new goals and to look around you and remind yourself that if others can do it, so can you.

Change these words up for whatever negative emotion you are feeling and remind yourself that you decide how you feel.

In good health,

Megan K






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