Running For Fitness and Fat Loss

by Megan K on July 31, 2012

The weather is amazing in Minneapolis which means that lots of fit minded people are heading out doors to get moving and get in better shape.  I’m happy to see the sidewalks, parks and trails littered with people biking, rollerblading, walking and running. If you want to lose more and feel better you’ve got to move more and do it better, right? :-)

What makes me sad though, is seeing some of you who do not look like you are having any fun at all during your outdoor workouts. Ladies, if you are headed outside for your workout keep it fun and easy.

You are not doing yourself any good struggling to make step after step in your first, second or even last mile of the day.

As with all of your training you’ll reach your goals faster, you will progress faster and ultimately you’ll lose body fat faster if you STOP when it feels hard and rest as needed.  Not every single run will feel easy.  Just because last time you could go for a mile easily doesn’t mean this time it will be the same. You’re not back tracking if your speed or distance ebs and flows you’re just being human.  Unfortunately progress isn’t linear.

And if you’re running for fat loss…don’t get me started on that :-) .  I wish it were the most effective way to lose body fat, but ladies  it simply isn’t and if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose you could be doing yourself some harm running. But I digress…


When it comes to running for fitness and fat loss these are my take outdoors messages: 

  1. Keep your run, bike or rollerblade fun and easy!
  2. Stop when it gets hard and rest as needed.
  3. Running isn’t your most effective fat loss tool (for more on that click here).
  4. If you’re out in the heat check out these tips on hydration.
In good health,
Megan K
p.s. Not sure what is the most effective way to lose body fat?
Check out this short video:

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