Quick Update From The Field: Gym Movement Success Stories

by Megan K on April 27, 2011

My clients are making fabulous progress,  which is the bottom line when you train with me.

Here are just a few highlights:

At the Movement Minneapolis two clients are keeping track of their food intake and training two times a week with me.

  • One is down 6% body fat in 2 months and ten inches overall.
  • One is down 7% body fat in 2 months and 4 inches overall.

At the JCC, in my early morning physique class:

  • one client is down 1.5% body fat in one month and she has NOT modified her diet.**

These clients use the Gym Movement Protocols to get better. They do not have to push themselves. They get better each month, and there is still room for faster progress for them- if they want it.

If your trainer tells you that it takes “hard work” or that it isn’t easy to get results like mine, or those of my clients (yes, ladies and gents I’m down in measurements and bodyfat again…) please fire him or her immediately, because he/she is WRONG. I’m still taking new clients and there are a few slots open in my distance coaching program.

Are you getting better?  Are you doing so at the rate you would like? Do you dread getting on the scale?

If you are not making progress every single month,  what is stopping you? Get in touch with me for pricing and location options.

In good health,

Megan K

**At some point, this client may be willing to modify her diet and or track her food intake but until then I expect her to continue to make progress, albeit not as quickly as those who are prepared to keep a food journal.**

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