PR Everyday: What It Is and What It Means To Me

by Megan K on August 11, 2010

I’ve been asked, ”what does it mean to have a ‘PR everyday’? A PR is a personal record. It occurs when you achieve results that are better than your last personal record or “best”.

Usually athletes talk about personal records in relation to the sport or activity they play or do. For example runners or cyclists record PRs when they beat a time or distance. Power lifters record PRs when they lift heavier. I hit PRs when I lift heavier, do more repetitions, lift faster or for more repetitions in less time.

Some of you might think its impossible to achieve a PR every time that you train. You are mistaken. When you train using the Gym Movement Protocols achieving a PR every time you train is not only possible it is a reality.

Will your PR be measured in the same way every single time? No. There are several measuring sticks that are used to determine how you PR: intensity (weight), volume (reps), density (time) and quality of movement. But if you train what tests well and work within your limits- to expand them- you will PR, every time you train. If this seems impossible, test it for yourself. Get your hands on the Grip and Rip DVD or contact me and we’ll talk about the Gym Movement Protocols.

I get better every time I’m in the gym. I like progress and I love feeling awesome. Do you?

Go to #preveryday on twitter to see all the people who have personal records every time they train.

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