Plymouth, MN Women’s Fitness Boot Camp Changes Lives And Delivers Awesome Results! by Jody Miller

by Megan K on July 23, 2012

Written by Jody Miller, Plymouth MN

Jody: June 2012

“There are two types of people when it comes to food. There are those that Eat to Live and those that Live to Eat. I fall into the latter category of those that Live to Eat. I love food! All of my favorite childhood memories involve food and of course my mother is the best cook in the world. I come from a pure Norwegian family in which every meal contains a stick of butter and comes with a side of potatoes and bread. Every family function revolved around food and the desserts were by far the highlight of it all.

As you would expect, I was not a fit adolescent. My mother was always slim and ate all the foods that I did, so I never understood why I did not look like her and why I could not lose weight. Looking back, it was obvious that my mom was always on the go, whereas my lifestyle was a lot more sedentary. This became more apparent when I started my career and began to spend 8-10 hours a day behind a computer. To top off the sedentary day to day routine, I was going out to eat every day for lunch with co-workers and soon started to pack on the pounds. It wasn’t long before I started to lose confidence in myself and realized that something needed to give.

I joined a gym and started to exercise, but did not see the results I wanted, so that quickly fizzled. After other numerous weight loss attempts on my own, I soon realized that I could not do it by myself. I’m the type of person that needs to be held accountable.  I can justify my way out of [the gym] or into [food] anything, therefore I needed something a little more structured, which is where Megan came in.

Jodie H and Jody M (workout buddies)

Megan’s approach to fat loss includes both diet and exercise. I had assumed exercise was all that was needed, but by tracking what I ate for a few days, I quickly realized that the amount of calories I was consuming was well over what I needed. She provided me with some meal suggestions and from there I was able to plan my meals around my daily goals, which has drastically changed my eating habits. I still love dessert and crave sweets, but I can balance them more when tracking my food and I know Megan will not judge me for these occasional indulgences.

I knew that strength training was the best way to lose weight, however I was always embarrassed to attempt these activities at the gym because that area was where all of the super fit people worked out. I never felt like I fit in and I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Megan’s sessions are same sex and completely judgement free.  I always feel like I fit in. Everyone is at a different fitness level, but we all do the same activities and adjust the weights and movements as necessary to fit our bodies. I always feel like I get a fantastic workout and I am continuously getting stronger!

Megan’s program works for me because she keeps mixing it up. I never get bored with a workout and she motivates me to continue tracking my food. Plus the results have been great: in just one month, I’m down 1.7% bodyfat and 4 inches including 1.5 from my hips and 1.25 from my waist! Without Megan K Fitness, I would not be factoring food into my weight loss program and I would still be avoiding the weight section of the gym and therefore would not be losing weight!


Jody Miller


P.S. I still eat all of my mother’s fabulous food when I am in town, but in moderation, and I have found so many fabulous recipes that do not include a whole stick of butter! ”


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