Plymouth, Minnesota Fitness Boot Camp Rocks by Alyssa Haugen

by Megan K on May 24, 2012

My name is Alyssa Huagen and I’m a full-time teacher and a mother of two young children.
I commute every day for 1.5 hours and when I get home my work isn’t over because I take care of my family and my children. Maybe you can relate?  I wouldn’t have it any other way, but this means that I’m busy and that my time is very valuable.
What I like about training with Megan is that we get a lot of work done during our sessions and I get results.  Sure we chat and tell jokes or stories during our sessions and there is definitely some goofing off (which makes it kind of fun) but I move a lot of weight around, sweat a lot and get a great, different  and challenging workout every single session.
When I first started with Megan it was right after Thanksgiving (in early December) and I joined her 21 day rapid fat loss program.  

I didn’t want to be one of the many people who gains weight over the holidays and waits until January to start a fitness program.  I had always exercised but usually at home which meant that I wasn’t always challenging myself or even aware of what to do to get the fastest results. Over the holidays I lost multiple pounds, 2% body fat and I dropped 6 inches! This is no small feat because I still attended holiday functions and ate Christmas dinner.

If you are using the excuse that you are too busy for exercise then you are lying to yourself because no one is too busy for exercise.  I know, better than many people, how much commitment it takes to attend the sessions because as a busy mom who works full-time, I could be doing a hundred other things when I get done with work.  But I do this workout program for myself  because I know that by taking good care of my health I can better enjoy the time I have with my family and friends.
Some of my other accomplishments over the last 5 months are toe push-ups which I haven’t done since grade school, deadlifting absurd amounts of weight, and having upper body definition. I can now see the muscles in my arms which has never happened before. 

Megan has given me fantastic nutrition advice without being judgemental when those slip-ups happen. I feel comfortable telling her when I’ve gotten off track with my program and she kindly steers me back toward progress.

If you are looking for fast, effective fat loss and a good time Megan will provide it.
Alyssa Haugen, Maple Grove

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