My Training Progress from June to October: down 5% body fat and way stronger

by Megan K on October 11, 2010

A lot of friends and colleagues have been asking me about my progress and what I’ve been doing differently which tells me its time for an update.

Within the fitness industry, there are a lot of fitness professionals who never seem to change.  I believe that your fitness coach should be getting better, all the time, just like you.

To show you that I’m just as serious about my progress as I am yours, I’m recording the highlights- from my training journal- of what I’ve done in the last 5 months.

June 2010
I was introduced to the Gym Movement Protocols with the Grip and Rip DVD.  A DVD made by Adam T Glass and Brad Nelson that covers how to use auto regulatory training (or biofeedback- what your body tells you) in order to choose exercises that make you better every time you work out.
In 9 years in the fitness industry, I’ve seen a lot of things come and go but nothing excited me quite like this. I read testimonials of people moving better, seeing dramatic physique changes and doing it all safely and with ease- without the grueling exhausting workouts and limiting diets prescribed by so many trainers.

I began using the Protocols and getting Personal Records each time I lifted. Check out #preveryday on Twitter to see all the other people having success, using the protocols, each time they lift.

In June 2010 my body fat was the highest it has ever been at 25% and my strength was low.  This was due to a combination of a couple months of severe depression, lousy food and little exercise.

July 27th 2010
24% Body fat 135lbs

August 2010
23% Body fat 134.6lbs

September 5th 2010
21% 135lbs

Sept 27th
20.9% 136lbs

October 4th
19.8% 134lbs

These are just a few of my training Highlights:
Deadlift June 2010: 55lbs
Deadlift September 2010: 175lbs

Rows June: 25lbs
Rows September: 40lbs

KB Swings June: 12kg
KB Swings September: 20kg

Chin-ups and Pull-ups June: 85lbs assisted
September: 15lbs assisted/  Very shortly I’ll be doing them unassisted!

I feel incredible.  I leave the gym feeling energized and I still eat pretty much whatever I want.

Success is easy when you know the steps to take!
Join me on the path of perpetual progress.

Megan K

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  1. Great job Megan! Keep up the good work.

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