My New Favorite Shoes: The Merrell Pace Glove

by Megan K on June 7, 2011

Up until two weeks ago, I hated shoes.
I really did.

And I hated shoe shopping almost as much.

That was, until I found the Merrell Pace Glove.

Traditional shoes give my heels blisters, bruise my big toes and irritate the balls of my feet.

I’m not talking about high heels, flats or even cute sandals, I am talking about tennis shoes.  I am fully prepared for some foot pain when I wear cute (but ridiculous) dress shoes.  But I’m the kind of person who has to break in tennis shoes!  I dreaded any and all shoes because even the ones that were “supposed” to be comfortable caused my feet to ache.

Enter the Pace Glove by Merrell. It is made with a Vibram sole and has a breathable lightweight upper portion that makes it less than an 1/4 lb. When I tried these shoes on at Schuler Shoes, I bought them immediately and I have worn them almost every day since then.

I am ecstatic.  If you know me, ask me to show you them.  They are awesome!  They are available for men as well and they come in lots of cool colors.

One of my teachers asked the Biomechanics class I was in, if we thought we should have shoe shaped feet or feet shaped shoes? The answer is clear: feet shaped shoes, our feet are the way the are for a reason.  These shoes look like shoes, but are designed for the feet.

In good health,

Megan K

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