My 7 Seven Favorite Exercises For Fat Loss

by Megan K on April 12, 2011

Recently I gave a seminar for the Body Transformation Challenge, at the Sabes JCC in St. Louis Park.

The topic I was asked to present on was my “5 Favorite Exercises for Fat Loss”. I couldn’t narrow it down to my top 5 so I made it 7.

In no particular order, they are presented below including a brief description of how to execute the movement and a video or a picture. A special thank you to Sharon for being my camera woman.

Kettlebell Deadlift

Straddle the weight or kettlebell.  Bend down keeping your back straight. Pick up the bell and stand up tall using your legs.  Keep the arms hanging straight throughout the lift.

Bent Over Row
The Bent Over Row can be done resting your supporting arm and knee on a bench or by resting your forearm on your bent leg and rowing with the opposite arm.

Dumbell Bench Press

The Dumbell Bench Press can be done lying down on any flat surface, whether it be a flat bench or an incline/decline bench.  You can also alternate between pressing with one arm and then the other or both arms at the same time.

Walking Press

The Walking Press is best executed quickly so use a comfortable working weight and be sure to extend your arms fully over head with each press.

Kettlebell Swing

To execute this movement keep your arms straight and bend at the ankles, knees and hips. Bring the kettlebell back between the legs, keeping it close to the crotch and then using the legs and a gentle hip thrust, let the bell naturally swing forward.  The arms will travel regardless of what you do because of the momentum of the legs so keep them relaxed- they only need to hold the bell.

Step-Up or Box Jump

If you are not comfortable  jumping, work up to it using a small box doing a few repetitions at a time.

Work to keep these movements fast. Rest as needed and if you have any questions about how to execute them, contact me:

In good health,
Megan K

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