More Fat Loss Wins: Yes it can be this easy!

by Megan K on May 6, 2011

Recently I checked in with two of my 120 Day Physique Transformation Participants. Their results are awesome and exactly what I expect for people who learn about fat loss from me.

What did they do?

  • set up an appointment and met with me once to learn about fat loss and the Gym Movement Protocols
  • met with me again to talk about nutrition for fat loss
  • worked out on their own for 60 days, kept a food journal and employed my nutrition for fat loss strategies

What kind of results did they get?

  • Both look noticeably leaner and more toned, are down inches, ┬álbs and body fat.
  • Both are feeling better.
  • Both say that their workouts are easy and that they feel good when they are done exercising.

How is this different from other systems?

  • The work is not hard. It requires diligence but the workouts themselves are easy and a beginner or an advanced exerciser can do this and get big results.
  • The exercise can be done anywhere. My participants make it work for them. For example, one trains at a gym and one trains at home.
  • They didn’t have to give up their favorite foods in order to make progress.

The came to me and they got results because I teach people how to lose body fat.

I want you to succeed and it is easy to get you there, if you take the next steps and call me at 701-578-4311 or e-mail me to get started.

In good health,

Megan K

p.s. if you don’t live in the twin cities area get in touch with me about Distance Training. My distance clients are getting the same results.

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