Minneapolis Women’s Fitness Boot Camp Provides More Than Just Fat Loss…By Sarah Morrison

by Megan K on July 26, 2012

Sarah Side Pressing

“When I signed up with Megan last fall, it was during a transitional period in my life. I had just ended a very long relationship and needed something to do to distract me from the gloom & doom of single-dom and needed a way to meet new people.

I’ve struggled with my weight since I was in 4th grade. I have about 20lbs that I tend to lose, then gain back slowly over time before then losing again. It’s a vicious cycle. A year before joining Megan I had been the thinnest I had ever been as an adult. Then, as my long-term relationship was ending, the pounds packed back on.

Megan K Fitness could not have have become part of my life at a more perfect time. Not only did I need health and fitness guidance, I needed someone to help me find the confidence to believe in myself. Since joining Megan’s program I’ve lost weight, I’ve changed my diet, I’ve gotten exponentially stronger, and I’ve learned that I always have someone who is willing and able to support me when I fall.

By excelling in the gym, I’ve learned that I can excel at whatever I apply myself to. The awesomeness is contagious– I’ve started dating, I’ve met a great group of girls, and I had the confidence to change careers (thanks to a job opportunity I learned about through another Megan K group member!). 

I decided this spring that I wanted to start running and recently, I  ran my first 5K. I just signed up for another one in July and am doing a women’s-only obstacle course 5K in August! I feel unstoppable and that’s because I’m surrounded by great women and a great trainer, now trainers,  who help me to feel this way.

Sarah Setting Up For A Clean And Press

I still have a ways to go before I’m at my goal weight, but for me, this journey with Megan has been about so much more than just weight loss.”

Sarah Morrison,  North Minneapolis, MN

Sarah Bench Pressing



Editor’s Note:

Sarah has dropped, over 8 inches and 3% body fat since she began training with Megan K Fitness.

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