Minneapolis Group Training For Women Testimonial By Donna Horsam

by Megan K on April 23, 2012

Testimonial for Megan Kruger

My name is Donna. I have been Megan’s client since October of 2011. I found Megan through an internet search engine. I was looking for a weight loss BOOT CAMP because I was getting nowhere fast in my weight loss journey. In fact, despite all of my efforts, I gained weight. At the time, I was interested in an aggressive approach to losing weight.  What I gained was so much more.  What follows here may sound more like a PRO MEGAN K FITNESS CAMPAIGN than a testimonial, but it is not a campaign as it is my personal experience with Megan.   

When I contacted Megan, she was firm with me and told me that if I wanted to lose weight she had two requirements; show up at least twice a week and keep a food journal. Well since then, I have been showing up sometimes more than twice a week and I am keeping track of my foods easily (the majority of the time ).

Megan’s work out classes are fun and go by fast because they are conducted in a “No Frill’s type of gym. Beware; there are NO treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes or any other machines.  We use weights and we use them for every muscle in our body…well, almost every muscle.  She varies the routines which makes the classes fun. The environment is comfortable because we work out with women who, of course, are No Frills kind of woman that want to get healthy.  The ages within each class can vary from 25 – 60 or maybe 70.  I am 50 so I sort of fall in the middle…well maybe not the middle, but close!    Megan is able to tailor the workout to meet everyone’s physical needs and condition.  She offers classes before work, after work and on the weekends in two different locations. This makes it easy to show up for at least 2 if not 3 or 4 classes per week.

I found keeping track of my daily food intake the most challenging over the years of trying to lose weight due to my hectic lifestyle. Now, I am single mom with a 9 and 10 year old and I run a demanding business. Before I met Megan, I would start to track and then forget. I was never consistent and soon I would stop all together. This pattern also was evident in my exercise routine.   Megan guided me toward free APP options to track food. I downloaded My Net Diary onto my phone. This Diary is not only super easy, it helps me plan and spend more time reviewing the nutritional value of foods that I enjoy.  It makes tracking fun and I’ve learned about the foods I was eating.

I know everyone is anxious to hear about my Weight Loss Success Story. Well, I am still on my W.L. Journey and will likely be on it for a while as it took me years to put it on. My story is about determination and my commitment to living a healthier life style for me and my two beautiful children.  I owe so much to Megan for helping transform my lifestyle and providing me with the support and encouragement I needed to keep motivated. For me, this is not a short term fix. If I want to live a long life raising my children and meet my grandchildren, it is imperative that I make long lasting life style changes.  Megan continues to show me support, encouragement, inspiration and a never give up attitude.  She is very motivating and uplifting and I know this is what has helped me hang in there.  When I am down, she picks me up. She doesn’t let go and she is determine for me to succeed in my goals

Thanks to Megan, I feel stronger, healthier, have more energy, eat better and feed my children better foods. For me, Megan has been more than a personal trainer. She has become  my nutritional life line.

Thank You Megan for being a Great Trainer and life coach J


Sincerely, Donna Horsam



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