How To Lose 13lbs of Body Fat and Drop 22 Inches in Two Months

by Megan K on July 8, 2011

My Client Sue started training with me twice a week two months ago.

She was a little bit apprehensive when she first walked into the Movement MN.

She didn’t really know what was going to happen during our training sessions. She figured she’d probably have to work really hard and that she would get pushed and yelled at quite a bit to do more and try harder. She was also intimidated by the idea of an initial assessment- photos, measurements, body fat analysis and more.

But she knew that she wanted to get results and get them fast so she was prepared to do it.

But here’s the thing, I don’t yell at Sue.
I don’t push her beyond her limits.
We talk about her diet and she has made reasonable, sustainable changes.

She goes for walks on her own and has recently started lifting weights once on her own in addition to the two hours she spends with me per week.

Sue is crushing it.

She has lost 22 Inches and 13lbs of Body Fat in 2 months.
9 Inches from her waist.
5 Inches from her hips.
3 Inches from her thighs.
4 Inches from her chest.

It is really this easy.  Learn about nutrition.  Make changes.  Learn about exercise.  Do the exercise. Rinse and Repeat.  Two months later, you are winning. Your life is changing and so is your body.

When you’re ready, I am here.

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