Gym Movement Success Stories: M and B at the JCC

by Megan K on February 8, 2011

At the beginning of January, I began training some of my colleagues over at the Sabes JCC.  Without revealing too much about these fine ladies, let’s just say that they are all in upper level management. They work long hours with most of their time spent at their desks.

Every Tuesday morning, at o dark hundred hours we meet and train.  Sometimes they are reluctant.  Occasionally they are even a little grumpy.  But they always show up and do some work.  And they always leave feeling better.

Each session, we go through a workout using the Gym Movement protocols: a biofeedback based training system.

I don’t push them and I never yell.

If something hurts they stop.

If something is uncomfortable they either modify the movement or they don’t do it, that day.

After every single session the ladies leave feeling better than when they started because they have chosen to do exercises that make them better, on that day.

Every single time we train we record their results in a training journal and we review their progress. During every single session they break their personal records either by doing the same amount of work in less time, work at a heavier weight or by doing more total work .

And at least once a month we check in with their fat loss progress using three metrics: measurements, body fat percentage and weight on the scale. In less than a month M is down four inches and B is down 4 with slight increases in her shoulders and chest.

Outside of our Tuesday morning session the ladies train once on their own.  So in a given week they exercise twice, for less than two hours of work and in less than one month both are down 4 inches.

I don’t know about you, but that is what I call progress.

How is your progress? Contact me to get started:

One comment on “Gym Movement Success Stories: M and B at the JCC

  1. Mary J on said:

    Hey – I am think I must be the M!!!

    Megan is right – I am loving this new way to exercise. I feel like I can push myself further than I have in the past with other high intensity workouts. And I am NOT a workout person. I do work long hours and it is tough for me to find the time. But since week one I have been consistently getting to the gym 2 days a week for a full hour each time. It is work, it feels like work, and I have now seen the results. But it is not the kind of totally worn out work out that I have been used to with other methods. I can set my own pace, stop when it hurts, and then move on to the next thing.

    Highly recommend this – come join us!!!!

    Mary J

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