Gym Movement Success Stories: Jodie Hintz

by Megan K on February 23, 2011

Jodie and I met at a Zumba Fitness class here in Minneapolis, MN and like a lot of the participants she was looking for something else to do to expedite her fat loss journey. We had our first session on 20 January 2011.

It took Jodie two sessions to learn the basics of how to use the Gym Movement Protocols.

During that time we also went over nutrition basics like the order of operations for eating and whether or not carbohydrates are essential. I taught Jodie the secrets to getting great results with exercise and she hasn’t looked back!

She has been hitting new personal records every time she exercises and the results speak for themselves:

In one month she is down 4lbs and 6 inches. She has added .25 to her biceps and 1.5 inches to her shoulders.

According to her, the workouts she does last about twenty minutes.  She does whatever movements test well on that day and she sticks to large movements like squats, lunges, burpees, box jumps, presses and pulls.  She likes that she doesn’t have to push herself to get results and that her workouts are fast!

I’m excited for Jodie and very excited to see her progress at the end of this month.

Do you want to get better everyday? Are you curious about what kind of fat loss progress you could be having?

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In good health,

Megan K

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