Gym Movement Success Stories at the JCC!

by Megan K on March 17, 2011

My six week early morning session is up and the three ladies had outstanding results!

Val, is down 5.5% body fat total, 4% of that in the last month. She lost 8 inches overall.

Mary is down 3.5% body fat. She lost 8 inches overall.

Becky is down 1% body fat and 3 inches overall.

What did they do?

They came in to the JCC every Tuesday morning at 7am with their training journals.

They tested their Range of Motion and their exercises to determine if the exercises would make them feel better or worse.  If the exercises tested well, they worked until they felt their pace slow down or until they began to feel tired.  Then they stopped and rested until they felt ready to begin exercising again.  There were days when they hardly even broke a sweat.

During an exercise session they would typically complete 4-6 exercises for 3-8 minutes each.  Every week they would do or learn at least one new movement. And the coolest part about training using the Gym Movement Protocols is that they got better every workout, breaking personal records either by adding more weight, more reps or doing more in less time!

If you ask them how “hard” they were working, they would tell you not hard.  The goal was to keep it easy, and we did.  And they got the results they were looking for: body fat lost and inches lost!

The next session starts, next week and non-members can participate! The class is $140.00 for Non-Members. For more information go to or call (952) 381-3400 and ask about the Physique Transformation Class.

In good health,

Megan K

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