Gym Movement Protocols Success Story: Super Sue

by Megan K on June 21, 2011

My client Sue and I have been training together for a little over a month:  7 weeks and 14 sessions together.

She is down 10lbs and 12 inches.

What’s the secret? She lifts weights 2 sometimes 3 times a week and she likes to take walks.

We talk once a week for an average of ten minutes about nutrition. This includes eating more  of the proteins fats and carbohydrates that leave her satisfied rather than reaching for more.  She isn’t counting calories.  We haven’t even talked about that, although we could if she wanted to- if she wasn’t progressing as quickly as she wanted.

She looks leaner  and gets stronger every single week.

When she first started training, a full squat was next to impossible for her but now she does them for reps.  She also struggled the first time she lifted ten lb dumbells in a press and now she does them for reps.

She works within her limits.  In fact, she still pushes a bit harder than I’d like, but she uses less effort each workout because I’m showing her that the fat comes off and she gets strong quickly when she keeps it easy.

She tests out movements and she skips anything that hurts or causes discomfort.

She is an inspiration because she comes in ready to work and she is getting the job done.

I have no doubt that in another 7 weeks Sue will look dramatically different.

I’m proud of her.  She is changing her life, one day, one meal and one workout at a time.

Are you?

In good health,

Megan K

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