Fighting and Winning the Body Image War

by Megan K on August 25, 2014

Good Morning My Fit Bodies (and friends :-)


I have such a wonderful story to share with you that I almost don’t know where to

begin. I hear different stories as to why people join our family and all of them touch

me in some way, but this one was a little different.


Let me introduce you to Robin. Robin is one of those members that has

lived a pretty active adult life with varying goals and degrees of success. She’s had

some form of physical activity since she was 18, but Robin suffered from what many

women do – challenges with liking and accepting her body.


“All my adult life I have been a bit overweight and have struggled with my emotional

war with my body”, states Robin. “But, I wasn’t just fighting that. I was also under

medical treatment for clinical depression and anxiety.”


Wow. Robin really was dealing with a lot of emotional things. I was so glad when

she shared these things with me because I know how much exercise can positively

affect all this. I just needed to prove it to Robin. Clinical depression responds well to



“FBBC gave me an important tool for addressing all this”, adds Robin. “FBBC has

become an essential tool for my physical and mental well-being. I try to be gentle with

my expectations. If I have a bad week, it’s not the end of the world. I can get back on

track today or tomorrow or next week. Life happens; how I respond is what makes

the difference.”


Just listen to Robin’s attitude.  Exercise has given her a new perspective on life – a new way

of dealing with things.


“The community of FBBC is amazing”, claims Robin. “Everyone is so friendly, 

supportive and joyful. I’m still working all the time on self-acceptance. The body war 

isn’t over, but I think I’m winning.”


When I heard Robin say that “the body war isn’t over but I think I’m winning”, I

honestly shed tears. It so amazingly humbling to be a part of this change. (I know,

weird sentence, but that’s how I feel).


Robin’s initial goals were just to mix things up a bit because she was bored with her 

routine. She says she’s not bored anymore. Yayy!


Robin has seen a definite change in her shape. I have seen not only a change in her

shape but in her overall happiness.


“I haven’t lost weight, but I’ve definitely changed my shape”, adds Robin. “Better yet,

I’m making progress on the self-acceptance and that is a big thing for me.”


It is people like Robin- and their success- that give us the motivation to come to work and give to

our clients every single day (despite working some intense hours).


Megan K and the team:

Valerie- Studio Manager and trainer

Alyssa- Trainer

Jenny- Trainer

Tracy- Trainer

Adam- Celebrity guest trainer

Nikki and Heidi apprentices

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