Curious Incidents At The Gym: Ab Exercises For A Flatter Stomach

by Megan K on October 2, 2011

Working at several large commercial fitness centers, I see more than a few curious and questionable fitness practices.  Because of this, I have created a series of posts called “Curious Incidents At The Gym” so that I can draw your attention to practices, ideologies and ‘fitness rules’ that may not be serving you well.

There is a myth amongst some members of the public,  that a lot of abdominal work will help you get a flatter, more toned stomach.

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple.

It is important to have strong abdominal muscles, but all of the sit-ups (or abdominal exercises) in the world won’t get you flat abs.

In order to have a flat, toned stomach you need to lose the body fat that sits on top of your abdominal muscles.

So how do you do this? In order to lose body fat, you need to consider modifying your nutrition plan, and you need to do large movements that will help burn calories and build muscle all over your body.

When it comes to fat loss you can’t just lose it where you need to.  I hear clients say things like, “I’m not worried about my arms”, “I’m happy with my legs” or “I just need to work on my stomach”. It may be that your primary storage site for body fat is your abdomen, but just working on your stomach will not help you lose body fat.  Do large movements and build muscle everywhere.  Don’t worry, if you are a woman it will take a huge amount of work before you ever look like this:


A flat, firm stomach is not out of reach for you if you put in the work!

Start by keeping a food journal and lifting weights regularly.


In good health,

Megan K

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