Buying A Better Sports Bra: Top Picks From My Fitness Peeps

by Megan K on September 24, 2010

Nothing can ruin a workout like inadequate support.  If the girls get out of place or move around too much its game over.  So to better support you in your workout efforts, I surveyed my female fitness colleagues to determine the best sports bras on the market.

The Champion Sports Bra from Target
Its inexpensive- roughly $17- comes in a variety of colors and washes and wears well.

Lululemon Bras
As a Vancouver, B.C. native it would be hard for me not to mention this hugely popular line of quality sports bras. The bras are a bit spendy, running at around $45 and up, but they last and they provide great support.

Capezio Bras
This dance apparel company makes bras that hold up for ages and are very comfortable.They are also inexpensive at $15.

Zumba Fitness
Zumba’s athletic line features more than just awesome tanks, pants and shoes.  They also make sports bras, that are stylish, colorful and comfortable.  They cost aproximately $30.

Playtex Active Lifestyle 18 Hour Bra
This Bra runs from $20-30 dollars and has worked very well for the large chested in the fitness community.  

Remember ladies, its much easier to have awesome workouts wearing an awesome sports bra! Don’t let your body down. 

In good health,

Special Thanks to Janae, Julie, Shannon, Megan and Deb for your comments. 

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