Breaking Through Plateaus: Elements To Consider

by Megan K on June 27, 2011

Last week, I gave my 3rd and 4th talks about Exercise at Preferred One Insurance Company in Golden Valley, MN. I met with 15 women to discuss breaking through plateaus and how to get better results from exercise.

Most of the women who attended these talks are looking to lose body fat and gain some lean muscle mass (without adding size) as quickly and efficiently as possible. These are women who work full-time and who have busy lives outside of their offices. They do not have a lot of time to commit to exercise so efficiency is critical.

The fastest steps to lose body fat include nutrition modifications and resistance training.

For resistance training:

  • Try doing multiple exercises that use large muscle groups with speed.
  • Rest as needed.
  • Be prepared to use heavier weights now and then and to drop back to lighter weights on days when the heavier weights feel tiring.
  • Keep your workouts easy, but be diligent about doing the work .
  • Check out My Favorite Exercises For Fat Loss and Getting Started With Weights

For nutrition modifications:

  • Try keeping a food journal in order to hold yourself accountable
  • Check out The Truth About How To Burn More Fat an outstanding source of on-line materials by Mike T Nelson (pHD candidate at the University of Minnesota).

Contact me if you would like to participate in my 120 Day Physique Transformation Program, it includes 4 sessions and e-mail communication with me spread out over the 120 Days.  It covers nutrition, the basics of lifting, several exercises, how to track your progress, how to keep a food journal and much much more- clients learn how to make outstanding progress using the Gym Movement Protocols and I help you every step of the way.

Breaking through plateaus can be challenging if you are not sure how to go about it, but with the right action plan and some education anyone can achieve outstanding results!

You have enough information to take action.  Get out there and make progress again!

In good health,

Megan K

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