Be Nice to Your Substitute Teacher…

by Megan K on April 4, 2011

Have you ever arrived at a fitness class only to find out that your favorite instructor was absent and that the class would be taught by someone else?

Were you disappointed? Sure, we’ve all been there.  We all have our favorite group exercise instructors and we attend their classes because there is something about them, their teaching style, or the workout we get that keeps us coming back.

So what do you do when the person who arrives to teach isn’t your usual favorite instructor?

Do you grumble to the person next to you? Do you sneak out the side or back entrance because you don’t really feel like taking someone else’s class? Or do you make the best of it?

Group Exercise is a very demanding profession and there are times when instructors need a break: illness, injury, vacation or just plain fatigue are just a few of the reasons us instructors ask for time off.

It is sad and frustrating to come back and hear from the substitute instructor that members or participants were rude to the teacher.

We are adults.  The days of being inconsiderate to a professional just doing his or her job are over, aren’t they?

If you think it is acceptable, then ask yourself, what if there was no class?  If people are rude enough then it will become difficult or even impossible to find coverage for those classes.  What is worse?  No class or a sub?

If you have feedback for the substitute, it is important to give it but in a way that is encouraging. Some instructors are new to a format and will blossom into fabulous teachers with time and coaching. Don’t be the member that intimidated him or her or ruined his or her day with your thoughtless words.  If you have absolutely nothing kind to say, consider writing it on a comment card or keeping it to yourself.

Above all else, when a substitute teacher arrives to teach your group exercise class, be nice.

In good health,

Megan K

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