21 Day Rapid Fat Loss

by Megan K on December 6, 2011

As a fitness trainer, when people come to me, the top things they ask for are for me to help them
get a flatter belly, smaller butt/thighs and toned arms. And most of all they ask me to get them results fast!

Now, since I strive to deliver the fastest results possible I like to experiment with different workouts, cardio programs and eating plans.

Recently, I stumbled upon a way to get faster results in 30 days or less!

In fact, I have found new ways to drop more fat off of those problem areas.  I *think* I discovered the perfect rapid fat loss program!

Now I say I think, because up until now I’ve only tested this program out with a few of my current clients. I’ve never used this system with every day people – you know folks who have not worked out for a while (if ever).

So testing it on absolute newbies will be the TRUE test of my discovery.

What I am looking for is a small group of people to test out my “21 Day Fitness Soultion” ahead of the fitness industry rush in January.

So what’s in it for you?

  • kick-butt training 3-5 times a week
  • nutritional coaching
  • 5 days of sample meals
  • flatter abs
  • a tighter butt
  • firmer thighs
  • all for only $100

You will avoid gaining those nasty 5-10lbs that most people typically gain over the holidays and you’ll start 2012 fitter, healthier and happier than before!

Plus, when you complete the program, I will give you one free week of my “Twice The Results In Half The Time” program as a graduation present!
That’s right!  It is a fabulous offer because I’m serious about testing out this program, I’m looking for ten-twelve very committed people and I’m prepared to help you get results!  If you can find the time to workout for 45-60 minutes three times a week for 21 days, and you want to start 2012 visibly leaner, more toned and sculpted then this program is for you!
Details 21 Day Fitness Solution
Begins every Monday in December at 5:30 or 6:30pm in Plymouth
Training Sessions:
Mon/Wed 5:30 or 6:30pm
Sun 9am
Tue/Thur 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30pm
Mon/Fri 9am
If you are ready to be like the dozens of women who have lost 10-20lbs or more training with me, then get going and e-mail/call to save your spot now! megan@megankfitness.com or 701-578-4311

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