1st Annual Winter Booty Competition Results

by Megan K on March 1, 2012

The First Annual, Winter Booty Competition took place this past Saturday at the Movement Minneapolis (in Plymouth, MN).

All I can say is, “Wow”.

What a fantastic turn-out and what a great performance from all of the participants.


Here are the results listed by Category:


  Each Competitor had 1 minute for each of the 3 lifts:

16k Deadlift, 12lb Push Press  & 20lb Bent Over Row

Lisa Russell: 38/43/ 53 =134

Donna Horsam: 29/62/53 =144 (3rd)

Alison Madson: 46/75/75=196 (1st)

Chris Head:46/61/62=169 (2nd)



Each Competitor had 1 minute for each of the 3 lifts

24K KB Deadlift         20lb Push Press            30lb Bent Over Row 

Michelle McDonald:48/57/56=161

Jackie Joseph:49/52/66= 167 (3rd)

Amy Shapiro:45/73/43=161

Cassie Sampson:52/43/ 55=150

Arpita Dumra:44/45/64=153

Jean:46/62/ 67=175 (1st)

Mony Kuoch:52/65/53=170 (2nd)

Valerie Renthrow:52/52/43=147

Mary Clapp:53/49/49=151



Each Competitor had 1 minute for each of the 4 lift

32K KB Deadlift              30lb Push Press                40lb Bent Over Row                Rope Pull-Ups                

Kristi Hicks:64/49/67 /26=206 (1st)

Emily Le Vasseur: 61/32/42/23=158 (2nd)

Sarah Gruber:43/23/36/13=115

Christina Peterson: 32/22/40/5=99

Miranda Pilrose:37/37/59/12:145

Alyssa Haugen:60/25/46/14:145

Nicole Schissel:50/41/48/13:152 (3rd)

Sarah Morrison:47/34/46/13:140




I don’t need to tell you how impressed I am with all of the ladies who placed. Outstanding work.  That being said, there were some notable personal records achieved this past weekend (and these are just a few):  Christina Peterson, Sarah Morrison, Alyssa and Nicole did more rope pull-ups than ever before. Sarah Gruber did incredible work with the 30lb dumbell given she almost never trains at that weight and Nicole crushed her previous push press PR.

Val and Mary broke PR’s in multiple categories.  Cassie broke PR’s, Amy did more push presses than she has done before and Michelle hit a deadlift PR.

Lisa competed in her first competition and Donna broke some PR’s.


But the biggest personal record, in my mind, was in group enthusiasm and attitude.  You would not have known that this event was a competition based on the level of cooperation and the support the competitors showed each other.  Bravo- what a classy group of ladies!


Next week I will announce the date and events for the Spring Booty Class Competition.  


**Remember you do not have to be currently training with me to compete, but we do have to meet in order for you to be placed in the appropriate class.






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