120 Days With The Gym Movement Protocols: My Success

by Megan K on December 21, 2010

“Adaptation is inevitable.  It does not need to be forced.  It happens which means that at all times we are either getting better or worse” Frankie Faires, Gym Movement Creator.

This is a concept I learned at the Gym Movement Biomechanics Course. The course was July 28th and 29th at the Movement Minneapolis.  It was taught by Frankie Faires and Adam Glass over two 8 plus hour days.  Those in attendance became coaching candidates.  And in order to become coaches we all had to show that we could successfully apply the Gym Movement Protocols to ourselves and a minimum of two physique transformation clients (case studies) for 120 Days.

At the end of November I completed the requirements. My clients made fantastic progress and so did I.

Below are the highlights from my training and physique transformation…


July 30th: Body Weight 135lbs              November 30th: Body Weight 138lbs

Body Fat: -3.04%

Neck: +.o5

Shoulders: +2.75

Waist: -3 inches

Hips: -2


Calf: -1.1


Arm: -0.6


July 30th- Comfortable Working Weights NOT my MAX

Deadlift: 97lb KB working for sets of 3-4

Kettlebell Swings: 35 lbs

Push-ups: Knees Sets of 5-10 (30 total)

Overhead Press: 18lbs

Assisted Pull-ups: 60lbs of Assist

Chest Press: 20-24lbs

Squats: 55lbs

November 30th:

Deadlift: 135 lbs (up 38lbs)

KB Swings: 124lbs (up 94 lbs)

Push-ups: From the Toes

Overhead Press: 25lbs (up 7lbs)

Assisted Pull-ups: 10 lbs of Assist (Chin-Ups are Now Unassisted! A 50lb improvement)

Chest Press: 30-35 lbs (up 10-15 lbs)

Squats: 110lbs (up 55lbs)

The biggest changes in my training are that I train whenever I want and whenever it tests well because I don’t slaughter myself during my workouts.  I lift, I rest.  I rarely get sore.  I make progress and break personal records everytime I work out and I feel awesome. It is that simple.

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